Banking and finance

Relying on years of experience and extensive practice covering hundreds of millions of Euros, our lawyers provide all kinds of services to banks and their clients in a wide range of banking operations including:

  • all kinds of banking operations,
  • all kinds of commercial loans,
  • syndicated loan facilities,
  • subordinated loan facilities,
  • stand-by facilities,
  • collateralisation,
  • leasing including cross border leasing
  • factoring
Our motto:

To be aware and take care of both the overview and the detail dynamic in time.


Spasic & Partners understand the needs of our clients and are quick in providing services relating to:

  • all kinds of commercial activities
  • sale of goods contracts
  • commercial agency arrangements
  • franchise agreements
  • rent agreements
  • lease agreements
  • establishment of securities
Our motto:

To seek a good balance of interests with a reliable partner to prevent misunderstandings and tension.


Following some of the pioneering projects before the then newly established Commission for Protection of Competition, Spasic & Partners provide services pertaining to:

  • all competition and concentration related issues
  • competition clearances
  • accelerated concentration approval process
  • full concentration approval process
  • post conditional approval follow-up and reporting
Our motto:

To prepare and present well all documents in good time.


Spasic & Partners lawyers have provided services to different participants in numerous construction projects that include some of the major projects in Serbia and far abroad, including:

  • all kinds of construction related activities
  • construction agreements
  • engineering agreements
  • designing agreements
  • consulting agreements
  • supervision agreements
Our motto:

To keep good harmony among a multitude of participants and documents.


Spasic & Partners are proud for regular and repeated consulting by a significant number of leading players in the market and take it as best evidence of the quality of corporate related services that include:

  • establishment of all kinds of legal entities
  • shareholder agreements with various control and buy-sell options
  • all kinds of registrations with competent registers
  • corporate governance
  • registration of trade marks
  • restructuring and voluntary liquidation
  • day-to-day operations
Our motto:

To support creation and maintenance of stable and secure existence and internal environment in a company.


Spasic & Partners have extensive experience in matters relating to employment and support clients in:

  • all kinds of labour related issues
  • individual collective agreements
  • labour related documents
  • employment agreements
  • benefit schemes
  • labour disputes
Our motto:

Good order keeps the house firm and tall.

Litigation, arbitration and enforcement

Spasic & Partners commit their decades long practice in thorough analyses and representing clients before dispute resolution forums, including:

  • representing in litigations before Courts of Law in Serbia and abroad
  • representing before arbitral institutional and ad hoc tribunals in Serbia and abroad
  • representing in enforcement processes
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign court and arbitration decisions
  • reporting claims in bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation
Our motto:

Every case is a battle to be won for the client.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Spasic & Partners lawyers as head lawyers provided services in more than 100 projects that include:

  • The first tender privatization in the real sector in Serbia;
  • The first three tender privatisations in the banking sector in Serbia;
  • The first tender privatisation in the insurance sector in Serbia;
  • The first two PPP schemes in Serbia
  • The biggest sale of a bankrupt company
  • Numerous restructurings
  • Purchase or sale of capital of 9 banks
  • Investment in capital in 11 banks
  • Several mergers of banks and real sector entities

Such services include

  • all kinds of services pertaining to M&A
  • due diligence examination
  • transaction structuring
  • drafting of relevant agreements and other documents
  • signing to closing process
  • post-closing follow-up
  • post-acquisition restructuring and integration
Our motto:

Help navigate the ship to the safe port.

Mining and environment

Spasic & Partners lawyers have successfully provided services to a number of leading international and local clients, including positive resolving of environmental issues and relationship with National Parks and local communities including:

  • all kinds of services pertaining to mining and environmental issues
  • exploration / research licenses
  • exploitation licenses
Our motto:

Benefit from the resource and keep the nature.

Real Estate

Spasic & Partners have successfully advised clients in sale of hotels, the biggest department store chain in the region, project development, development of shopping centers. Our services include:

  • all kinds of services pertaining to real estate
  • sale and purchase of immovable property
  • re-allocation of land
  • re-parcelling of land
  • lease agreements
Our motto:

The house is as good as its foundation.